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  • On the ground at The Match II
    When live pro golf made its return at Seminole and Medalist a couple weeks ago, there were no outside media members allowed on the grounds — but our Michael Bamberger has a way of showing up places. He joins the Drop Zone to share what it was like to experience golf’s strange new Florida Swing […]
  • How the coronavirus is changing golf’s future
    In recent weeks, some 98% of U.S. golf courses have opened for play. But it’s hardly business as usual. There are contradictions and unknowns that leads to the industry’s one big question: How are golf courses going to change? How is YOUR golf course going to change? We explore that topic and find some answers […]
  • Selling golf's treasures
    Go ahead and name a golf memorabilia item. Chances are, Golden Age Auctions has sold it. Green jackets? Check. Masters trophies? Check. Tiger Woods' golf clubs he used during the Tiger Slam? Check! This week, we dive into the world of golf auctions — one is live right now! — and learn everything there is […]
  • What Malcolm Gladwell got wrong about golf
    Malcolm Gladwell hates golf — he's made that clear for years. Most recently, Gladwell called for the "liberation" of courses and republished an anti-golf Revisionist History episode devoted to his issues with the game. We listened back (with open minds!) and found that Gladwell cut a few corners. We're here to set the record straight, […]
  • Tiger Woods' club wizard
    Behind every Tiger Woods win are the clubs he used and behind Tiger Woods' clubs is a wizard. A wizard club-maker from Texas who has a "gift." His name is Mike Taylor and we tell you all about his magic here on the Drop Zone. Equipment editor Jonathan Wall has the story, straight from the […]
  • Tiger Woods gave her a Buick
    What would YOU do if Tiger Woods appeared out of nowhere during your round of golf — and wanted to play you for a Buick? For Beverly Rettinger, it was the opportunity of a lifetime. For the rest of us, it became the greatest Tiger Woods YouTube video ever.
  • Michael Jordan, Legendary Golfer
    Tiger Woods is the most famous golfer in the world, but after him? Probably the last two presidents. Next on the list is not Rory McIlroy or Brooks Koepka, but Michael Jordan. The basketball star picked up golf in the 80s, demanded to play in the 90s (and at the Olympics) and is now building […]
  • He has more aces than you
    Holes in one are funny. They don't discriminate ... or do they? We all know a great player who has never made one, just like we all know that hack who has made multiple. We're going to introduce you to the man who has made more aces than anyone else. His name is Mancil Davis, […]
  • The man who died at Amen Corner
    This week’s Drop Zone is an unlikely story of life and near-death at Augusta National. Seeing Amen Corner in person is at the top of most golf fans’ bucket lists. For Johnny Pruitt, it was where his life came to a hard stop — and then began again.
  • Tiger Woods' Second Life
    The Drop Zone is back! We’ve been reimagining the show with a new focus: Taking you deeper inside stories from the world of golf. For decades, the chapters of Tiger Woods’ life have played out in front of us. Mostly, they’ve been inspirational. But not always. This week, Michael Bamberger joins the show to break […]